Mother's Specials


Spa Radiance Facial

Give mom this very special spa time radiance facial to take away her stress. Let her relax, refresh and recharge with Tibetan herbal foot steam therapy.

Spa radiance facial emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and color light frequencies and reflex zones of the face. Algae, clays, trace minerals and very pure essential oils are formulated to work energetically with color frequencies and reflex zone of the face to provide an overall energy balancing facial while nourishing the skin. Color frequencies that recharge every cell in the body, address, rebalance and clear energy disturbances of an emotional, spiritual and physical nature.

Tibetan herbal foot steam therapy melts away aching sore feet and eliminates toxins through negative ion steam herb therapy.

90 min facial - $150

50% off for second facial. For daughters, sisters or friends.

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